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By 1st October 2018Tip and Tricks


My funny wide leg pants story, I had an over-sized wide leg pant once, lol those who know me will be like what!! lol I love over-sized clothes.. but this one was so darn big it was scary… and I tripled and sometimes had to hold it up like a wedding dress when it was sagging… hehehehe

So one thing dough… Your wide leg pants when too big could look really scrawny and unkempt. It is just has to be big … like just so… there is a perfect big wide leg pant fit for everyone, I will give you the measurements I work with for mine so you can tell your tailor what you want done.

I usually fold 2 yards fabric into two equal halves. {A yard of fabric is measured 36Inches}… When I fold it gives me one yard each. Then I fold this into two. That would give me half a yard that’s 18inches each, so you can tell you tailor to use 18inches for the bottom of your wide leg pants, {that’s cutting on fold} so the actual width when measured round would be 36inches.

Lol let me leave it at that before I start to use more technical terms then we get a little confused. Who big grammar help?
You could decide to make your wide leg pants slightly fitted at the hip, not too fitted so your hands can go into the pockets, unless you don’t want pockets but what’s a good wide pants without pockets… lol

In my next post I will share with you some of our wide leg pants collection. Untill then… browse through our latest’s designs.. on instagram @mofecouture call us up.. or chat with us on whatsapp 08137977796… we would love to speak your style language.

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